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Not every project is big.  Maybe all you need is to freshen up an old piece of collateral, to polish an important speech, or simply get some professional editorial advice.  I can do this for you. Here's how:

          1. Tell me what you need: or (707) 200-3950.  Or video call. No charge.
          2. Send me what I need to see ASAP.  No charge for reviewing background info.
          3. I'll provide a firm quote.
          4. With your "OK" I'll do the work.

As a professional ghostwriter, I'm pretty quick at this stuff.  You'll also get the value of deep experience in tight, compelling content.

Put me on your team "on demand" and I'll deliver the goods.  Give me a call to get started.  Let's go to work!


Dave Buerger photoGhostwriter (1994 to present) -- Created quality marketing content for more than 90 hi-tech companies.

Columnist (1987 to 1996) -- Wrote hundreds of weekly and bi-weekly featured opinion columns in InfoWorld, LAN Times, Communications Week, and Network World, and won First Place in the New York Business Editors Journalism Awards for "Editorial/Opinion" writing.

Journalist (1988 to 1994) -- An executive editor at InfoWorld where I ran the test center and networking coverage. Editor in chief of LAN Times, and editorial director of NetWare Technical Journal and Selling Red. Editor in chief of Communications Week. While at InfoWorld, won "Best Software Review" award from the Computer Press Association. While editor in chief, both publications won runner-up for the Computer Press Association's "Best Computer Newspaper circulation over 100,000" award.

IT Manager (1984 to 1988) -- Managed maiden deployment of personal computing technology at Santa Clara University, including 1,000 PCs and multiple networks.


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